UNIO First-Care

Gaminio savybės

Domina pasiūlymas su pristatymu ir įrengimu – Susisiekite – kontaktai.

Brangu? – Susisiekite – kontaktai

21.00 Eur/Vnt

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+370 612 64543


Gaminio savybės

Swab your wooden floor with UNIO-First-Care prior to initial use.

Mix 1 L of UNIO-First-Care with 5 L of lukewarm water and mist-swab the wooden floor.

This will give your floor increased surface protection and prepare it for everyday wear and tear.



Product info sheet: PDB_UNIO_First-Care_eng_19.09.2016

Safety data sheet: SDB_First-Care_UNIO_eng._06.08.2015