Refreshment Cleaner

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17.50 Eur/m2

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+370 612 64543


Gaminio savybės

Is your floor extremely soiled or are standard cleaner failing to do the job?

Mix your swab water with Refreshment Cleaner and swab your floor as usual.

The pH-neutral tensides contained in Refreshment Cleaner will dissolve even stubborn soiling of the surface. Applying a coat of Hardwax Oil or polishing in with Wax Polish is therefore strictly required.


Product info sheet: PDB_Refreshment_Cleaner_en_22.08.13_01

Cleaning and care guide: PDB_Pflegeanweisung_en_22.08.13_06

Safety data sheet: SDB_Refreshment_Cleaner_eng._30.07.2015