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Gaminio savybės

What kind of properties does a user expect from a high-performance Hardwax-Oil?

  • Easy application
  • Excellent drying properties
  • One-size-fits-all product for a variety of applications
  • High wear, tear and tread resistance

glimtrex® Hardwax-Oil offers these properties:

  • Simple application using a short-tuft roller
  • Average drying time of 3 to 6 hrs prior to next application
  • Successfully used for private, business and gastronomic locations
  • Suitable for all untreated types of indoor wood and wooden surfaces
  • Available in mat, extra mat, satin, gloss and various colours


Product info sheet: PDB_Hartwachs-Oel_eng_21.02.2018_01

Certificate DIBt: DIBT_Zulassung_04

Certificate R 10: R10

Certificate Bacteria-resistance: Glimtrex_Antibak_04

Safety data sheet mat: SDB_Hartwachs-Oel_matt_engl._16.05.18_01

Safety data sheet satin: SDB_Hartwachs-Oel_seidenmatt_eng._30.05.18

Safety data sheet glossy: SDB_Hartwachs-Oel_glaenzendt_eng._16.05.18_01

Cleaning and care guide: Pflegeanweisung_HWOe_privat_egl._22.09.2016_02