Our philosophy

glimtrex is a forward-looking company on the surface coating market. We strive to offer the best possible products allowing excellent treatment of your wooden (solid wood or parquet), cork or OSB floors or kitchen worktops etc. We aim to contribute to a long lifespan and neat appearance of your wooden environment.

By carefully selecting raw materials and investing into high-value manufacturing our goal is to ensure our products are easy and effective to use and friendly to human and natural environments.

Corporate mission

glimtrex sees itself as a future-oriented and innovative company. Our mission includes promoting creativity and offering opportunities even to unconventional ideas. We approach change with openness and the readiness to learn day by day so we can improve our service.


We view ourselves as an attractive employer and a fair and respectful partner. Our collaborators represent our most valuable capital. Co-operation between employer and staff is the basis for building spheres of freedom, self-management, readiness to perform and the drive towards common goals.

Business partners

Mutual respect, fairplay and honesty are the basis of co-operation of equal partners. This is why we base our work on trustful interaction with customers and suppliers, encouraging mutual exchange of experience. Our aim is to enable win-win relationships for all parties involved.

Customer service

We value diversity in our customers’ demand and needs and regularly train our staff to focus on individual customers. We are also available for individual person-to-person advice. Our quality products and their attractive value for money are designed to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.


Outstanding quality is part of our objectives, which is why our surface coating products undergo meticulous control. From selecting raw materials tested upon delivery to exit controls of finished products we make environmentally friendly approaches a priority for all individuals and units involved in the manufacturing process.

Our range of products

glimtrex offers the following products:

  •      Hardwax oil system
  •      Hardwax oil system coloured
  •      UNIO oil system (solvent free)
  •      SIGNUM 1K- and 2K-Lacquer system
  •      Colour system (solvent free)
  •      Industrial Hardwax oil systems
  •      Decor Wax (transparent and coverage)
  •      Outside oil
  •      wood protect glaze
  •      wood opaque colour
  •      Matching accessories

To ensure the best possible quality for your wooden surfaces we offer matching cleaning and care products for all our product lines.

Environmental impact

Our natural environment is our most valuable asset. We aim to look at our natural heritage not only as a resource but also as a model. By using sustainable raw materials, research, manufacturing packaging and disposal processes we relieve some environmental pressure. Moreover our products help extend the lifespan of wooden floors by facilitating excellent treatment and care. This allows us to make responsible use of wood as a natural resource.

The Future

For the future, we expect to achieve a leading position on the German market thanks to our highly distinctive appearance, our identity and our ambition. In the long run we view ourselves as an international player offering high-quality, environmentally friendly products exceeding our customers’ needs and requirements.